Warning to unauthorized title match organizer

World Professional MuayThai Federation (WPMF) announces that WPMF did not approve and authorize this claimed MuayThai Championship between Tobias Alexanderson (Sweden) and Damien Ozenne (France)
on 31st May 2014 at France.
The match have absolutely no affect on the ranking under WPMF and deny any claims from the match organizer.

As the rules, All the members and representatives need to send WPMF an approval letter on any belt title match to the WPMF ranking board,
which WPMF has never receive any approval letter from Mr. Guillaume Kemer, since he is WPMF representative from France.
And due to this rules violation, WPMF would like to announces that Mr. Guillaume Kemer is NOT a representative of WPMF FRANCE anymore and WPMF will not respond for his action not organize from now on.

Thank you

Col. Boonsong Kerdmanee
Vice-President and Chairman of the Ranking